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Wedding Flowers Guide

The Wedding Flowers Guide is your place to get tips, inspiration and ideas to plan the flowers for your big day. There are so many things to decide about when choosing your flowers. We're here to help you through the process, using our years of experience of helping brides plan their flower arrangements.

Wedding flowers

wedding bouquet
  • Bridal Bouquet
    There is a huge choice when it comes to bridal bouquets. There are many styles: posy, cascade, sheath, nosegay, biedermeier, crescent, composite, pomander, teardrop, cone
  • Groom's Butonniere
    Having good quality wedding boutonnieres can really make a difference to how the male members of the wedding party look. It is the finishing touch that that can provide a sense of style. Buttoniers usually mirror the flowers in the bride's bouquet.
  • Father's Butonniere
    They too do deserve a boutonniere so everyone can see who they are. Their boutonniere differs from the groom's.
  • Best Man's boutonniere
    We recommend a flower corsage for women and a traditional boutonniere for men.
  • Wrist corsages and hair flowers
    Wrist corsages are worn by the female members of the wedding party. A few blossoms in hair are particular and beautiful.
  • Mother's bouquet
    A bouquet is handed over to the mothers of the couple's in the civil ceremony. With this modest gesture we thank them for everything they have done for us.
  • Bridesmaids flowers
    Bridesmaids can either throw flower petals from a basket, or hold a small bouquet, wear a wreath in their hair, or a wrist corsage.
  • Tossing bouquet
    A small imitation of the bridal bouquet. It is to be tossed to the young girls at the wedding. It is said that whoever catches it gets married the soonest. Ask for a bouquet that falls into three pieces, so there can be more people to catch. It will be a great success!
  • Car Decoration
    The flower arrangement on the car is fixed with a suction cup. There are plenty of different shapes to choose from (oval, symmetrical, garland, "L" shape, round, etc.) A ribbons can be added if you like.
  • Decoration
    Your wedding reception flowers will give the room a sense of celebration as well as style. It is always crucial to survey the wedding reception, for a well placed decoration can replace an expensive one.
  • Main Table Centerpiece
    The top table is traditionally decorated with a large 'long and low' arrangement in the centre in front of the bride and groom.
  • Guest Table Centerpiece
    Table centrepieces can set the feel for the whole room. They can range from a simple relaxed posy for an informal wedding, to sophisticated and ornate arrangements
  • Pedestral Arrangements
    To complete your wedding reception flowers you need some room arrangements. These create a big impact. They are cost-effective, for they can be used at the ceremony and be moved to the wedding reception.
  • Chair Cover
    Chair covers will always add a touch of elegance to the wedding. Our tailor made chair covers are universal in size. Tey can be rented for 450Ft each, and come in many colours.
  • Flower gates and Backdrops
    Flower gates can be rented for 8000Ft, which includes the cost of installing and dissembling.
    Our backdrops come in 2-4-6 meter options.
    (A backdrop with fabric decoration can be rented for approximately 4000Ft/ 2m long tile.
    It can be amended with a light curtain (+3500Ft / 2m long tile)
  • Church Decoration
    Altar arrangements, Pew-end flowers, Garlands, pedestal arrangements can provide an attractive decoration

On our wedding page you can find 14 extending galleries

For choosing Mother's bouquets we recomend our bouquet menu where you can find plenty of gift bouquets.

We can attain any ideas. Feel free to bring a photo or just pick the flowers you would like to have in your bouquet, or we can even start with a color scheme.

Guide to order wedding bouquets and arrangements

wedding budapest Flowers have to be ordered one and a half week afore the wedding at latest, with a fifty percent deposit.
Certainly everybody likes to plan the beautiful arrangements for a long time so it is best to start planning as soon as possible.
Ask for an appointment for a personal meeting in our flower shop, and we will provide you with many ideas, and a full plan, free of charge.
Orders can be changed or cancelled till the Monday of the week of the wedding at the latest. On Monday afternoon we order the flowers from the wholesale flower dealer, after which we cannot cancel, as most of the flowers come from abroad.

Our prices are simple: the charge is the price of the flower stock.
We use fresh, first class flowers only.
There is only one condition: we must adapt to the packages of the flowers from the wholesale market. This means that most flowers come in a pack of 10. (But this cannot really be a problem in case of a wedding ). In return we offer you really friendly prices.

Which flowers are at good prices?

Some flowers may seem expensive like callas or oriental lilies and some other tropical ones. For example orchids are held expensive, but it is not true. One stem of orchid consists of 12-15 blossoms, which are so big that they are worth their price. These blossoms can be used as single flowers. We put them into vials, which provide as long stems. You should always consider the decorative power of the flower alongside the price. For example lilies might seem expensive but a few blossoms are enough in a centerpiece, whereas freesias are cheaper but compared to their small size they cost a bit too much and we need a lot in a centerpiece. There are especially practical flowers like daisy chrysanthemums that can be used divided into plenty of flower blossoms.
Most people would never guess, but it is not the best to plan a wedding around the dates of floral holidays. The stock prices of flowers increase, for example at Valentine's Day, Women's Day and Mother's Day. In spring and summer it is worth using seasonal flowers and greenery because of their good prices and multiple forms.

Our price list can be downloaded here!

The flower arrangements can be delivered to your home or you can collect them in our flower shop.
We make wedding decorations on the site.


Our wedding pirice list is 10% cheaper then the prices of the flower shop, which is a quantity discount.

We hope we were able to help you, and that our service appeals to you!
For further help please contact our colleagues.


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flower shop: Budapest, 1067 Podmaniczky u. 39.


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