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Guide for ordering wreaths

You can find four galleries in our wreath menu.
In each gallery you can browse through many pages of products.
You can ask for an individual wreath too. We will provide help at planning the arrangement, and calculating the price.

Placing an order, and methods of payment

Information can be found here:

How to order?...


(In Budapest and it's agglomeration)
Our couriers will place the wreath at the church catafalque, 45 minutes before the ceremony begins.
You will receive a feedback buy email within one day after the successful delivery, and we will attach a picture of the wreath too.

If you would like to collect the wreath yourself.

You can do so in our flower shop (Budapest, 1067 Podmaniczky u. 39.) as soon as it is ready. Please note, that the flowers on a wreath do not get water, so the wreath should be made freshly, as close to the time of the funeral as possible. You cannot take them home a day afore, because without water the flowers will surely wither. Please pick the wreaths up directly before the ceremony.
If you need to take it in advance, because you are transporting it somewhere, please discuss it with us, for we can use more lasting flower types, and set in floral tricks.

Rural delivery

Wreaths can be delivered anywhere in Hungary, by courier with a car. Pricing is 84Ft/ driven km back and forth.


We suggest a ribbon color to suit the flowers. Price is 600Ft.
For bay wreaths we suggest a national color ribbon. Price is 900Ft.
Ribbon colors can be::
white, black, cream, khaki, dark green, dark blue, dark red, Hungarian national colors (red/white/green)
The writing can be:
white, cream, peach, golden, silver
Font Type:
You can pick anything from Microsoft Word characters. We normally use "Monotype Corsiva" or "Script".


A farewell is written on one leg of the ribbon.
for example:
  • With deepest sympathy
  • In loving memory of ...
  • Our deepest sympathy for your sad loss.
  • You are always in our thoughts, and we know that you will be watching over us from your peaceful resting place in heaven
  • For ... always loved and never forgotten
  • ou will always be in our hearts and minds.
  • We will miss you!
  • With love and fond memories of...
  • Miss you already - will be thinking of you always
  • Sleep well, you'll be in our hearts forever
  • Our heartfelt sympathies and condolences in these moments of sadness
  • Will always carry you with in my heart
  • You being may be gone,but your spirit will live on forever in my heart. Love and miss you
The names are written on the other leg.
We can write anything you desire.

When should you order?

Most people would not leave it to the last minute, but here are the time limits.
  • We can make a sympathy bouquet the quickest; it can be delivered within 3 hours.
  • Ivory and Bhutan pine wreaths can be delivered within 5 hours, but it ist best to order them one day in advance.
  • A dome wreath can be ready in 6 hours, if everything goes well, but it is possible, that we can only achieve it in one day.
  • Big standing wreaths need to be ordered at least one day in advance.
  • Greek pine wreaths need to be ordered three days in advance.
  • Floral arrangements (pedestal arrangement, urn wreath, bier arrangement) should be ordered one day in advance.
  • Bay wreaths should be ordered a few days in advance, because bay is hard to come by.

Types of wreaths:

Big standing wreath:
It is a traditional wreath form, made out of pine. It has a metal structure that supports the wreath, and holds it upright. The flowers are arranged in the center, domed.
Size: 1,2-1,5m
This type is mostly ordered by close relatives and colleagues. It is the main wreath at the funeral.
Price of the base, without flowers: 6000Ft
Dome Wreath:
It is also a traditional wreath form, made out of pine. The flowers are arranged in the center, domed.
The wreath is supported by a metal footing, held above the ground, and positioned horisontally.
Size: 60cm, 90cm (most commonly), 110cm
This type can be ordered by any close or remote friend or relative.
Price of the base, without flowers: 6000Ft
Greek wreath:
A round wreath, with a hole in the middle. It is made of pine, on a metal base. It is elegant and contemporary.
Size: 1m
This type is a bit more expensive, so it is mostly ordered by those, who were closer to the deceased, but it is not a rule.
Price of the base, without flowers: 12000Ft
Ivory wreath, Bhutan Pine wreath:
Just like the Greek wreath, it is round, and has a hole in the middle, but instead of pine, it is made of ivory, or Bhutan pine. Kicsit kisebb a görög koszorúnál. A virágok körben helyezkednek el, vagy fejrészt alkotnak.
Size: 60cm
These are elegant, and average price wreaths, they are wery popular.
Price of the base, without flowers: 8000Ft
Mourning Bouquet:
If you are a distant relative or friend of the deceased, and you think a wreath would be exaggerated, you should choose a sympathy bouquet. It is a flower bouquet, with a ribbon on its stem.
Size: 35-70cm long
Condolence bouquet:
This bouquet is sent to the mourning family, to show condolences. Instead of a ribbon, we attach a card, with a message. It is traditional to send white flowers in a bouquet or a flower basket.
Urn wreath:
It is a small wreath full of flowers, placed on top of the niche. The close family orders it. It is a decoration of the catafalque.
Size: 25-30cm
Urn flower arrangement:
Like the urn wreath, this flower arrangement is placed on, or next to the niche. Size: 30-35cm
Bier arrangement:
A centerpiece of white flowers, that is placed on the catafalque.
Size: 30-90cm
Pedestral arrangements:
A big arrangement of flowers to decorate the church.
Hight 80cm-1m
Wreath with a special image:
We can modell an image with flowers, on a domed wreath, or a standing wreath.
Bay Wreath:
It is made out of fresh bay leafs, and decorated with a national ribbon. It is used to top statues and memorials. Size: small (32cm) 6000Ft, big (45cm) 9000Ft, ribbon of national colors, with golden script 800Ft
Christmas Wreaths:
The advent wreath will ornate the table for 4 weeks. Every week one candle is lighten. We will decorate the wreaths according to your wishes, at the size you require.
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