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Welcome to our wedding gallery! You can browse many beautiful bridal bouquets and wedding decorations in Budapest, Hungary. Choose from our selection, or tell us your ideas! We sincerely hope that you like our work, and you will choose us as your wedding florist!

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Szirom (Petal) Wedding Florist

With more than 500 weddings in and around Budapest in the past 14 years, our company has great experience in the field of wedding floristry and bridal bouquets. We are happy to say, that our customers are truly satisfied, and always come back to our flower shop after the wedding, if they are looking for a beautiful bouquet.


You can always be sure, that we will handle your order with utter care and attention, and we always use the best quality flowers for your bridal bouquet. Our friendly and professional team will do everything to make your wedding flowers perfectly beautiful. We even make professional pictures of the bouquets, and send it to you after the wedding.

We sincerely hope that you like our work, and you will choose us as your wedding florist in Budapest!

Wedding flowers price offer

To ask for a price offer, it is best to write an email us with your concept and after that visit us for a personal consultation. Please ask for an appointment! ( call 0036 70 506 4442, or email ) The price offer is - of course - free for you, however we spend a lot of time and effort on the personal consultation, and on writing a very precise wedding flower plan and price offer.

During the consultation we will answer all of your questions, show you many more pictures, and select every detail according to your taste. We discuss the colors, shapes, flower types, seasonal availability, and customs.

After selecting the bouquets and arrangements that you like, we will calculate the necessary materials. We will send you your floral wedding plan in a pdf document.

You can send us a price request per email. In this case you should send us a picture of the bridal bouquet that you like - we can calculate the necessary materials thus the price, according to the picture. Minimum order 30000 HUF.

Wedding flowers order

If you liked our price offer, and you would like to order the flowers, please let us know at least one week before the wedding. We will ask for 50% payment in advance. Even though we are really flexible with this short order time, it is best to start planning earlier. It is always a pleasant thing, to select a bridal bouquet - why not start today?

We are happy to plan and arrange your custom bridal bouquet. We can work from a picture, or select flowers, colors, according to your choice.

Our pricing is very simple, the price of the bouquet is calculated from the prices of the flower stems that compose the bouquet, nothing else. The cut flower prices are regular flower shop prices, no higher. We always use fresh, first class flowers.

On the day of the wedding, you can pick the flowers up in our shop, or we can deliver them to your location. If you ask for a wedding venue decoration, we will go to the restaurant, and install the decor.

We work mainly in the Budapest area, but we are happy to deliver to other destinations, too.

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Hoping to see you soon:
Szirom (Petal) Florist Team :)

Szirom Esküvői Dekoráció Bt.

Meeting and pickup address: Hungary, Budapest, 1067 Podmaniczky u. 39.
Open: Monday-Saturday: 08-20h, Sunday: 10-16h
Phone: 06 70 506 4442


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In our wedding flower thematic search, you can browse through our wedding decorations, grouped by colors and wedding venues, or you can enter a search keyword. If you like our work, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone, our colleagues will send you a customized price offer.

Contact: Wedding flower studio: Hungary, Budapest, 1067, Podmaniczky Street. 39., tel: 00 36 70 506 4442, email:


Wedding flowers

Bridal Bouquet
The Bridal bouquet is an essential part of the wedding, just like the dress or the hairdo. It will be there on every picture, you will carry it everywhere. It will bring beautiful scent, freshness and color into your wedding.
You should choose something really beautiful, that suits you.
There is a huge choice when it comes to bridal bouquets. There are many styles: posy, cascade, sheath, nosegay, biedermeier, crescent, composite, pomander, teardrop, cone…
Traditionally the bridal bouquet is selected and bought by the groom, and it is given to the bride on the wedding day. Now it is mostly chosen together.

Groom's Boutonniere
It is the "bridal bouquet" of the groom. A single flower in a small vial, pinned on the suit. Boutonnieres usually mirror the flowers in the bride's bouquet.

Hair flowers
A few blossoms in the hair is always beautiful. It is best to choose more durable flowers.

Wrist corsages
Wrist corsages are worn by female members of the family. It is simple and special.

Best Man's boutonniere
A single flower in a small vial, pinned on the suit.

Mother's bouquet
A bouquet is given to the mothers in the civil ceremony. With this modest gesture we thank them for everything they have done for us.

Father's Boutonniere
The fathers wear a single flower too. Their boutonniere differs from the groom's.

Bridesmaid flowers
Bridesmaids can either throw flower petals from a basket, or hold a small bouquet, wear a wreath in their hair, or a wrist corsage.

Tossing bouquet
A small imitation of the bridal bouquet. It is to be tossed to the young girls at the wedding. It is said that whoever catches it, gets married first. Ask for a bouquet that falls into three pieces, so there can be more people to catch it. It will be fun!

Car Decoration
The couple’s car is decorated with flowers and ribbons.
The flower arrangement on the car is fixed with a suction cup. There are plenty of different shapes to choose from (oval, symmetrical, garland, "L" shape, round, etc.)
It is best to choose more durable flowers, because the engine will radiate heat, and the sun will shine on the flowers too, and the wind will blow.

Decorating the wedding venue offers lots of possibilities. Tables, chairs, doors, columns, fences, ceiling, lamps, beams, etc. can be decorated.
If you are having a small wedding, you can really let your imagination go, and choose something special, because to decorate a few tables is never too expensive.

Main Table Centerpiece
The top table is traditionally decorated with a large 'long and low' arrangement in front of the bride and groom. We also make beautiful cascading arrangements. If the table is very long, it is best to put smaller arrangements on the ends too.

Guest Table Centerpiece
For round tables we suggest a centerpiece in the middle, on top of a tall vase. For long tables it is best to use many small arrangements.
Arrangements are in oasis base, which is easy to carry, you can offer them to the guests as a present at the end of the wedding.
We also rent vases, glass balls, glass cubes, bird cages, cocktail cups, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Standing Arrangements
These huge arrangements create a big impact. They are cost-effective, for they can be used at the ceremony and be moved to the wedding reception.

Flower gate
Metallic wedding gate can be rented for 8000HUF + price of the flowers we use for decoration.

Backdrop with wooden pillars, light curtain, organza décor is available in 2-4-6 meter options. (8000HUF / 2m section)

Church Decoration
Altar arrangements, Pew-end flowers, Garlands, pedestal arrangements can provide an attractive decoration.

Additional decorations
We love petals, but pearls or glass pebbles are also beautiful on the table. We can provide candles, floating candles, name cards, menu cards, etc.